Friday, 14 March 2014


In this post I will tell you about installation of win XP in minimum
time period. Normally when someone tries to install windows XP on
computer, it takes around 30-40 min to complete entire setup. It is
too much time to install windows setup. I will tell you a method to
install windows more faster. It will take approximately 15 minutes to
complete windows installation. So to install win XP in short time
please follow these steps.
Power on your computer and start with bootable windows XP cd
In first step window will load installation files.
Select any drive ( C: ) for installation.
Select NTFS to format the partition.
Setup will copy files on this drive and it will try to restart PC.
After restarting when you see Xp logo, press (Shift+F10).
It will open (CMD) prompt.
In CMD prompt type (Taskmgr)
It will open task manager. Now go to “process” tab and find “Setup
exe” Right click on setup.exe and select “Set priority”
You will see a submenu. Here priority will be normal. Select priority to
(High) or above (Normal) .
This will complete installation process much faster than the normal
original time.
Try it….......

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