Monday, 27 January 2014


If you are a twitter user, you might be familiar with mentioning people’s username using the mobile version of twitter. Facebook already used this way to mention your friend list on status or
while you reply by comment. If you
try to mention your friend on
facebook, your friend will get
notification as being mentioned so he/she
knows what is going on recently on your status. 
Now that we all know about mentioning of friends name on facebook
status. When you are on desktop
computer or laptop, it will be easy to mention
your friends name on Facebook by using
the sign followed by some of the starting letters of your friends name, it
will show up some friends names that
are starting with the letters you have
typed to tag them, but this feature is not
applicable on Facebook mobile version. 
Don’t worry… Here is an awesome trick to mention your friend name in comment or
status from facebook mobile version. It
works in PC too.
Now am going to be taking you through screenshots that you will get you to understand it well 
  • Click on your friend’s profile that
    you would like to mention,
  • screen
  • Click on his/her profile picture.
  • When it opens, go to the address bar
  • screen1
  • watch the address bar you will
    find id number for example;=17, see the
    numbers after “id” (The one in Red) that is your
    friend’s id.
  • screen2
  • You can use it to
    mention with this trick “ @
     just like this screen3
    Take Note that it is @[1234567890:] not @(1234567890:) because if you put it just this way, it will not work.

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