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What is a favicon?
Favicon (short for favourites icon) is the small 16×16 pixel icon that is associated with your blog and shown in a number of places to help identify your website visually.
  • next to the URL bar - the address of your website in certain browser address bars
  • browsers tab - most newer browsers support tabs; your favicon is displayed there.
  • “Favorites” or “Bookmarks” - next to the name of your website in these sections or if someone bookmarks your site on a mobile device.
Blogger blogger_favicon  and WordPress wordpress_favicon  have their own default favicons, and many themes also come with their own Genesis-favicon. You put a lot of effort into giving your blog that personal touch, so why just settle for the default favicon?
How do I make a favicon?
You want to make your favicon something simple, with few colours — these types of icons come up best at such a small size.
There are many services online that you can use that will create your favicon for you. You just upload your logo or image you want to use and they will give you the image in the correct size and format required. Two of our favourites are favioner and
Or you can make your own in your favourite image editor and save it asfavicon.ico.
How do I add a favicon to my WordPress Blog?
There are a few ways you can add a favicon to your WordPress blog.
Your theme may already come with a default favicon. In these cases it’s just a matter of replacing the theme’s favicon with the one you have made. You will usually find it in the root or image folder of the theme you are using. Upload your favicon via FTP and overwrite the default.
Some premium themes may have a setting where you can easily upload the favicon and it will replace it for you. Have a look around the settings.
For those not so technical, and want the super simple option. There is a plugin that will easily allow you to add a favicon. Check out All in one Favicon.
How do I add a favicon to my Blogger blog?
Adding your favicon to Blogger is super easy. Check out this nifty gif showing you the steps.

 or get html for gif. favicon and add as a gadget

 click for
 Best favicon

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