Monday, 27 January 2014


 Although YouTube has the option of viewing videos online, still many of us feel more comfortable downloading them. This is because you may not get good speed while viewing videos online. It is suggested to download YouTube videos in 3GP to enjoy uninterrupted and good quality videos. Whether you want to download a video for a one-time watch or are fond of making a collection, downloading them in 3GP is the best option. 
Below mentioned are a few websites 
That help you download the YouTube videos in 3GP:-
Savevid helps you download your favorite YouTube videos in 3GP format. This website also gives you a choice of selecting the quality of the video you intend to download, for instance there is an option of high quality, low quality and mediumquality. Choose the picture and sound quality you want. You can also download YouTube videos in MP4 and FLV formats from this website.

This is another site that enables you to download YouTube videos in the 3GP format. The downloading process is smooth and the picture quality you get is quite fine. You can also download videos in MP4 and FLV formats from this website.
This website allows you to download YouTube videos in 3GP format. You can also watch these videos online. These videos can be downloaded in the FLV as well as the MP4 format. Though you can download YouTube videos in the 3GP format from this website, however it is said that the picture and sound quality of the videos downloaded in this format is not very fine.
You can download 4 videos per day from this site if you are not paying for the account. YouTube videos can be downloaded in 3GP as well as MP4, MP3, WAV, FLV and various other formats from this website.
Similar to the other websites mentioned above, even this website allows you to download YouTube videos in 3GP format. Apart from this, you can also download videos in the MP4 and FLV formats.
Zamar enables you to convert your YouTube video into 3GP format. However, unlike the other websites, you can’t download them by just clicking at the link. On making a download request you would be asked to provide your email id. You would then receive an email with the download link. From this website you can also download aYouTube video in various other formats such as RMVB, MP4, etc.
This website also helps you download YouTube videos in the 3GP format. However, this site is only available on the mobile. This is the reason why bigger videos cannot be downloaded from
With this website also you can download YouTube videos in 3GP. However, this site supports 3GP format only for Mobiles. You cannot download YouTube videos in 3GP format on your PC, using this website.
The Savetube website also allows you to download YouTube videos in the 3GP format. This site also gives multiple quality options. You can select the one that you think would suit your requirement.
If you wish to download YouTube videos in 3GP format, Clipnabber is a good website to accomplish this task. All you need to do is to type the YouTube video URL on this site. This site also works for some other websites such as dailymotion, metacafe, etc. It allows downloading videos even in other formats such as MP4, FLV.
This is quite similar to the one mentioned above. The Icyvideo website also gives the option of entering the YouTube video URL for downloading the video. You will get the option of downloading the YouTube videos in 3GP, MP4 as well as FLV format. You can choose the one you want. Using this site, you can download videos available on certain other sites as well.
This website also gives the option of downloading YouTube videos in the 3GP format by entering the YouTube video URL.

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